Welcome to the AerialMagic! website where there's always magic in the air!

AerialMagic! is a performance company owned and operated by Mary Evanoff.  Mary performs one of the few, solo, female variety acts in the world as The Merrie Mary Show.  But Mary has many more talents beyond her normal show, and that's what AerialMagic! and this website are all about.

If it happens in the air, AerialMagic! is there.  Whether it's stilt-walking, balancing on her famous Evanoff Pole or juggling all manner of things, AerialMagic! can happen for you.


Mary has several characters available and new characters are always in development.  Her featured character is The Ballerina, pictured here.  For more information on stilt-walking, go to the stilt-walking page.

The Pole

Mary is the only person in the world to regularly perform amazing feats while balanced on a thin pole held by two total strangers.  Normally the climax of her 45 minute show, "The Pole" portion can be performed independently and the patter adapted to a wide variety of venues and messages.  For more information on The Pole, go to The Pole page.


Walk-Around Juggling

Mary is an accomplished juggler, but there are many things that set her walk-around juggling apart from all the others.  Go to the Walk-Around Juggling page for more details!

Contact Mary and AerialMagic!

Follow this link to find out how to contact and book AerialMagic! for your next event!

AerialMagic!  4071 San Pablo Dam Rd. Suite E113, El Sobrante, CA  94803  mary@aerialmagic.com